Adding Documents

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Adding Documents

To add documents to a matter, go to the Process Menu to Manage Collections and create a Collection:


Right-click on Collections and choose New Collection:

Type in the name of the new collection:


Right-clicking on an existing Collection will create a new sub-Collection under the existing Collection:


Renaming collections can be done in the same manner as renaming a folder in Windows i.e. click and hold on the node briefly, then release the mouse click and the collection name will become editable. Additionally the F2 keyboard short cut will enable the collection to be renamed.


There are several ways to start adding documents ("Imports") into Collections

Drag and drop a folder, file, directory, or lfp/opt file onto an existing Collection in the collections tree OR drag and drop onto the imports grid.


To browse to data to be processed, right-click on an existing collection and select Add Documents...


The Add Documents dialogue box will appear:


Select Import.